Welcome To CCN Citrus college

Welcome To CCN Citrus college
Home of the Fighting Owl

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hey look at us!

Mr. Tussy, James, Tom, Christine, Austin, Ian, Kelly, Jamie, Sarah, Rudy, Kevin, and Brandon.

This pic was from fall 2008 semester.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CCN 09 Pasadena Rose Parade Invasion!

Hey everyone! CCN Citrus has been very busy making Connection,preaching the word,learning, praying etc. I hope everyone has been having a good Christmas, and New years so far. We have all faced some trails but God is still in control and very good!. God has opened a door for us at the Rose parade in Pasadena ,CA . Thanks to our connection from a old friendship from the"Great news network"(deceased) :( thanks to help and support from Calvary chapel. We will be hitting the streets from 12pm December 31 to New years day 12pm . The Rose parade gathers THOUSANDS of people which all need Jesus ! About 12-13+ people will be going some from CCN Citrus And some of our other brothers and sisters in the faith who are also faithful evangelist who are not ashamed of the gospel! This event is going to be exciting! you never know what your going to run into on the streets especially on new years :D

We will be passing out tracts,doing one to one, and open air preaching of course preaching the biblical gospel of Law,Cross ,and Grace.
updates , pictures and maybe video latter.

Please pray for us as we prepare to share the love of Jesus Christ on the cold streets of Pasadena 7 points to pray for us about

1)Divine appointments


3)Traveling Mercy

4)God grants Repentance

5)Satan is binded

6)Open mind and hearts



The group!